Issues regarding the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

Dear Valued Customer,

March 11, 2011, gigantic earthquake at magnitude 9.0 occurred in the Tohoku region of Japan, accompanied by a tsunami at large scale rarely seen in history , has caused ruinous damage in Japan.
Particularly in Miyagi Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture, which are located close to seismic source, over 1,600 people are already known to have passed away and yet great amount of missing person are under investigation.
We would like to show our deepest gratitude to all customers, sending us message of concern and condolence regarding the tragedy this time since right after the occurrence.

At Unisis, both of Head Quarter Office in Tokyo and Saitama Factory / Logistics-Sterilization Center in Saitama Prefecture are located far from the source of quake. In a stroke of good fortune, every employee was confirmed unharmed.
Some of the articles were found dropped and scattered though, no severe damage was observed on factory buildings and facilities, including mechanical equipments.

Unisis has resumed production from today 14th March with utmost effort of every employee, in order to deliver as much products as possible to the hand of our valued customer.
Currently we are trying to secure the supply of materials and parts from subcontracted manufacturer companies mainly scattered in Kanto region, but found that some of them had suffered considerable damage through this tragedy.
Upon such condition, we will try with our best effort to minimize the influence to the customer, in cooperation with all subcontracted companies.

We will continue our every effort to settle everything back to normal as early as possible..
Your continuous patronage to Unisis as your good partner will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,
14th March, 2011

Hideya Saito
Unisis Corp. Japan