Monthly Radioactivity Measurement report, April 2021 (Final report)

We have conducted radioactivity measurement as planned.
Please refer to the PDF file linked below, and for any questions please ask your sales contact.


Radioactivity measurement for April 2021

Since April 2011, UNISIS has reported radioactivity measurement results monthly on our website. In March 2021, it has been full 10 years and we would like to bring the reporting to a close.

Since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, we have been measuring the radioactivity of our products, parts used in our products, air conditioning filters in our plants, etc., and monitoring the radioactivity of tap water for 10 years to confirm that there is no impact on our products.

All of the team UNISIS will continue to work for providing safe and reliable products.

Thank you for your continuous patronage and support.