Saitama factory


Established in 2004, the Saitama Plant has integrated the assembly line of the former Koshigaya Plant and the needle manufacturing function of the former Yoshikawa Plant to serve as a full-scale manufacturing facility that covers the design, grinding, inspection, assembly of our products.

floor info

3-story reinforced concrete building (Site area: 950㎡)
1F: Cannula production area (450㎡)
2F: Class 10000 clean room (300㎡) and inspection room
3F: Offices (250 ㎡) area and cafeteria (150㎡)

Main Equipment

  • CNC grinding machine
  • Flat surface grinding machine
  • Electric discharge machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Others

Outline of Main Equipment

Various grinding machines, electric discharge machine, vacuum ultrasonic cleaning equipment, IKARI insect repellent system, UTEC drainage treatment system, SIMCO static eliminator (neutralization in the clean room space), SHIMADZU universal weight testing machine, KEYENCE digital microscope, etc.

saitama office
checking by microscope
moving materials

Brief Introduction

  • Approximately 1 hour from Tokyo Station, the Unisis Saitama Plant has been in operation since January 2004 in Koshigaya City where the Tobu Isezaki Line and JR Musashino Line intersect.
  • Our Saitama Plant integrates assembly and cannula manufacture, which were previously performed in two separate plants. The plant is capable of all phases of the needle production process, from design and grinding to assembly.
  • The first floor is used for cannula production (grinding, processing, cleaning) and shipping.
    This floor is equipped with newly introduced processing devices, including custom-built grinding disks. We have expanded our manufacturing equipment while taking the utmost care to secure an optimal environment for the final cleaning process.
  • The second floor houses a Class 10000 clean room for product assembly. The environment is functionally equivalent to a Class 1000 clean room. Powerful devices, including static eliminators, have been installed to ensure cleaner processing.
  • We care greatly about our environment and installed an eco-friendly drainage system.
    The plant is partially barrier-free and supports wheelchair users with elevators and rest rooms that are specially equipped.
logistic facility


In 2009, we established the Logistics/Sterilization Center near the Saitama Plant to respond to customer needs with no delay.
This center is a highly value-added facility that provides for logistics, packaging, sterilization, R&D, and QA.

floor info

2-story reinforced concrete building
1F: Sterilization and logistics area (350㎡)
2F: Packaging room (cleanroom) and RD/QA area(450㎡)

Principal facilities

  • 1 cleanroom (200㎡)
  • 1 antistatic device
  • 2 elevators
  • 2 EOG sterlizers
  • 2 blister packing machines
  • 3 steri-bag sealing machines
  • 1 insect control system

Facilities for RD/QA

  • Digital microscope
  • Universal tensile testing machine
  • Confocal lazer scanning microscope
  • surface grinder
  • Incubator
  • Clean bench
hokkaido factory

floor info

3-story reinforced concrete building (Site area: 1,700㎡)
1F: Cannula production area (320㎡)
2F: Class 10000 clean room (155㎡),
inspection room and offices(210㎡)
3F: Cafeteria and meeting area (260㎡)


The Hokkaido Factory was established in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in March 2011 with the aim of making it part of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), diversifying risks at production bases, and complementing the Saitama Factory, Unisis’ mother factory.

If the Saitama Factory is damaged by a natural disaster, we have equipment that enables integrated production from needle grinding to assembly in order to maintain product supply until reconstruction.

For that purpose, we have introduced the same equipment as the Saitama factory, such as various manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment, clean room, and insect repellent management system necessary for medical manufacturing.

Main Equipment

  • Flat surface grinding machine
  • Polishing Device
  • Cutting machine
  • Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Others


  • IKARI insect repellent system
  • UTEC drainage treatment system
  • SIMCO static eliminator (neutralization in the clean room space)
  • PS panel heater
  • Profile Projector
  • Water purifying apparatus
  • TV conference system