Unisis Corp., founded in 1978, is a Japanese manufacturer of medical devices. We dedicate ourselves to manufacture specialty needles, including disposable spinal anesthesia needles, epidural anesthesia needles, and surgical puncture needles.

We design, manufacture, sterilize, and ship our needles worldwide. Our “UNIEVER” brand needles are widely used for local anesthesia, obstetrics anesthesia, pain clinics, orthopedics, cardiovascular treatment, and biopsy. We have customers in more than 40 countries and are highly rated for the quality of our products and services.

We also provide various OEM products and develop a variety of other products, even those requested in small quantities. We are proud of our products, which are “Made in Japan”. We maximize the procurement of our materials and parts in Japan and perform all needle processing and assembly in our plants in Japan.

We are constantly moving forward. “We always —” , our Quality Policy, is the most important base of our corporate activity. “We always bring the best quality products and services to our customers!” We thank you for visiting our site and hope you find the information you need.

Unisis was established in 1978 as a trading company that specializes in medical supplies. Soon after our foundation, we developed our trustworthy relationship with our customers in the U.S. and Europe. 
For the first 10 years since our establishment, we grew into a manufacturer that focuses on specialty needles, particularly disposable anesthesia needles. 
Unisis places a top priority on sincere and earnest response to customer needs. Quality is the basis of the trust that our customers place in us. We are committed to making every effort to maintain and further enhance quality so our customers always continue to choose our products. 
Unisis also places strong faith in production in Japan. We continue our efforts to produce quality products that are worthy of the label “Made in Japan” and further enhance our quality so that we can effectively respond to customer expectations. 
With recent large-scale organizational reforms and new plants (Saitama Plant in 2004; Logistics/ Sterilization Center in 2009), we continuously increase our service and technical expertise to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. Unisis continues to develop. Today, the demands for more reliable and higher quality products are growing, even in a medical environment that can impose constraining regulations. We spare no efforts to respond to every customer need in ever-evolving market conditions.

■ corporate LOGO

Our logo is a “U” in the shape of a heart. It stands for “UNISIS,” which simultaneously represents friendliness, warmth, and life, symbolized by the shape of the heart. The ends of the “U” extend beyond the border of the oval frame to signify our infinite possibilities beyond the present status. The oval shape of the frame is a metaphor of our status, which is not perfect, but at the same time expresses our wish to get nearer to the circle, perfection.

unisis logo

■ corporate color

We have selected the color “blue” for our logo, which refers to our planet Earth to emphasize that we market to the entire world. Accordingly, the shade of blue we chose is sea blue, because the sea is the origin of life. We feel that the color matches our perspective as a provider of medical supplies. The red represents people on the earth, in contrast to the blue sea, while the gray color stands for steel, the material of our products.


■ Brand logo

“UNIEVER”, our brand name, is a fusion representing the founders’ hope for UNISIS to continue existing and contributing to the people as “one unit of unique organization forever”.
All employees are challenging to fulfill this founders’ hope with customers’ trust in Unisis.