Step 1 | Inquiry / request for products

Please send your inquiry to us by email or fax if you are interested in our products.
You can call us directly, but the person in charge may not be available because of the time difference.

confirmation email

The person in charge contacts you in response to your inquiry.
The following information may be required:

  1. Company name, address, and name of person in charge of your company. If we have an agent in your country, there is a possibility that we introduce our agent.
  2. Product name. If unknown, please specify the intended use of the product. We will reply to you with information about our relevant product for the same intended use.
  3. Product specifications (gauge size, length, packaging, and required labeling etc.)
  4. Intended use or purpose (detailed information is required when the product is a non-standard product or intended for a special use).
  5. Quantity and delivery request
  6. Request for samples, if any.

Our RD and QA team investigate the technical and/or regulatory requirements of the product as necessary.
When your required product is new to us, we conceive and provide a new design drawing based on the specifications.
We inform you of a rough cost estimation.

Shake hands icon

We receive your aproval of the design, drawing, specification and the quotation.At the same time, we discuss the terms and conditions with you, which will be reflected to our Proforma Invoice.

injection icon

Samples of existing / new models are provided upon request.
Prototypes are manufactured for new models.
Samples of existing models are provided for evaluation.
* The samples of existing models may be shipped during Step 3 or 4 above.

approval icon

The product specifications are confirmed with your approval for the specification and/or evaluation of the samples submitted.
At this point, we provide you with the final price.

PO icon

Upon receiving the formal purchase order, we issue the corresponding proforma invoice.
Our proforma invoice is to re-confirm your order contents(item, quantity, delivery) and also the terms and conditions set in Step 4.

factory icon

Your order will be carefully manufactured at our plant in Japan. Products only which have passed our strict quality inspection will be released for delivery. We package and sterilize the products in our plant/sterilization center when the individualy package and sterilization is required.
* Some items may be produced and sterilized at our partner plants under our strict control.

schedule icon

We will inform you of of our delivery plan in advance so that you can arrange the payment.
Upon receipt of your payment, we prepare the shipping documents and arrange the freight forwarder.


The finished products will be shipped via air or sea freight to you.